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This page contains contact information for all the members of Project Consortium. 


Quality Objects    
Centre for Reseach and Technology Hellas / Informatics and Telematics Institute
The faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana
Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia


Is an high specialized company in consulting and development of infrastructures and architectures internet/mobile, middleware, componentware, low level integration, open source, and so. With more that 50 technical people in its staff, QO more than 90% of high degree in technical careers. The profile is about 50% Software Engineers and 50% Telecommunication Engineer. With an experience of more than 20 projects for big Spanish Companies, QO has a reputation of a hi-tech company in Spain. QO expertise is based on Component technologies, C++ and Java programming languages, CORBA and J2EE middleware, J2ME and mobile technologies, UML, and Object Oriented Technologies.


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Center for Research and Technology Hellas / Informatics and Telematics Institute

This partner was founded in 1998 and since then 19 of ITI's proposals have been approved so far during the Calls of the Information Society Technologies IST Programme whereas Greek National Programmes funded 33 projects.

They are engaged in the following areas like Multimedia and Internet Technologies, Educational and Cultural Technologies, Computer Vision, Virtual Reality, TeleMedicine Applications, New Media Representation and Access, Digital and Interactive Television, Data Communications and Computer Networks, Mobile Communications


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The faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana

This group is composed by members of the Laboratory for Digital Signal Processing at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. Its laboratory (staff 18) employs 6 Ph.Ds and 5 masters of science. The rest of the staff comprises electrical engineers (from the field of telecommunications). In the past and during the present moment the group has been and is involved in EC funded projects partnering with companies like Philips, Nokia, BBC, RAI, NOB, etc. During the past projects they have gained experience for cooperating on projects involving a large number of partners. 

They are currently participating in a P2P oriented project called Share it! under the leadership of Philips. The project deals with video content (TV broadcast) sharing in a P2P environment.

 They have experience in the following:

-          Digital signal, image and video processing - multimedia processing

-          Telecommunication services (web services, protocols)

-          Java, C/C++, SQL software development

-          Information search agents, service personalization agents, distributed agent architectures

Also, they have fundamental knowledge of the JXTA 1.0 protocol suite.


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Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia

Catholic University Saint Anthony of Murcia is a University that born with a decided wish to be participant in the Society. It educate professionals with necessary capacities to improve qualifications that present world demand. Also, is an University open to innovation and oriented to future. It is distinguished by creation and use of methods, contents and innovate technologies, that are a change to traditional procedures applied to university teaching.

Catholic University Saint Anthony of Murcia offer a service of high value to its students and to enterprises. It comes to give to its students necessary knowledge to access working world.


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